STEPHANIE Owner + Designer


Owner + Designer

HENRY Yogurt Lover + Shoe Expert


Yogurt Lover + Shoe Expert

BLUE Muse + Mascot


Muse + Mascot


I created Stephanie’s Paper Shop for those who put as much care into finding the right card as what’s written inside, who think the best gifts are the most thoughtful ones, and who believe it’s all about the little details. 

Many stories led to the creation of Stephanie's Paper Shop. Below are the two most important. 

The first is how my business began: Having graduated from art school, I attended a portfolio review hoping to land my dream job. I did, but not in the way I expected.

The (newly engaged) creative director reviewing my work was in the market for an art director, not a designer. He did make me an offer though: "I don't have a place for a designer in my company right now, but I like your style. Would you like to design my wedding invitations?" And so began a hobby that later turned into a business.

The second inspired my brand: It was during art school that I took several classes taught by the revered and respected Sylvia Gaffney. No matter what I turned in, Sylvia saw a bear. 

Every class, the same question: "Is that a bear on there?" There never was, until now.